Agreement between Four Walls Ltd and the individual, photographer, agent or business is subject to the following terms and conditions.


(a) These general terms and conditions for Four Walls (the “General Terms”) apply to all services provided by Four Walls Ltd to the agent or photographer user of Four Walls.

(b) Unless otherwise mentioned, the following terms will have meanings associated to them as below.

Agent” means the agent, office administrator, agency or business owner of the real estate office using the services of Four Walls.

Agreement” means the agreement between Four Walls Ltd and the customer.

“Business Day” means 8.30am to 5.00pm (Auckland time) Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Customer” means the photographer, agent, administrator or business owner using Four Walls’s services.

Four Walls” mean Four Walls Ltd, 87 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland. NZBN 9429041658475.

Photographer” means the photographer or the photography company using Four Walls’ services including ordering products from Four Walls or uploading content to Four Walls.

Online Ordering System”  means Four Walls’ online ordering system and/or delivery system.

Products” means the products and services provided by Four Walls and available at www.four-walls.com

Result” means any design or image provided by Four Walls and the copyright associated with it.

Software Products” means those products which are based on a URL or software solution provided by Four Walls such as interactive floor plans provided by Four Walls.

Specification” means the specific product specifications outlined in the Four Walls ordering system.

User Content” shall mean the content provided by the customer to Four Walls.



Photographers place orders with Four Walls to create products (images, floor-plans and other software products) for an agreed price as outlined in our fees and charges.

Agents use Four Walls to manage media and their suppliers.


Four Walls reserves the right to change its products, pricing or delivery schedules subject to giving 30 days’ notice to the customer.

The customer promises to provide full information at the start of any Four Walls services to enable the final product to meet the customers’ requirements (within agreed specifications).  If the customer’s requests are over and above the specifications outlined in the order system the customer agrees to pay for the additional services.

Four Walls doesn’t charge for change requests where the error is that of Four Walls.

Four Walls will charge a fee for correction service requests where the request is over and above that set out in Four Walls’ specifications.  Eg wire removal, removing dirt, patching up or replacing grass, adding fire to fireplaces.

Four Walls will charge a fee if material sent in is incorrect (wrong images, wrong size images, or images that are erroneous in any other way).

Corrections or edits must be submitted using Four Walls online photo editing or floorplan correction tools.

Order Delivery

Four Walls’ delivery terms are outlined below

Photo Retouching

  1. Photos uploaded before 6pm Mon – Sat
    • Delivered by 8am next day
  2. Photos uploaded between 6pm and 10pm Mon – Fri
    • Delivered by 10am next day
  3. Photos uploaded between 10pm and 12am Mon – Fri
    • Delivered by 12pm next day
  4. Photos uploaded between 6pm and 10pm Sat
    • Delivered by 8pm following Tuesday
  5. Photos uploaded on Sunday
    • Delivered by 8pm following Tuesday
  6. Photo corrections – timing varies depending on the nature of the corrections requested


  1. Floorplan sketches uploaded before 6pm Mon – Sat
    • Delivered by 8am next day assuming sketch(es) supplied are clear and usable.
  2. Floorplan corrections
    • Submitted before 2pm are returned same day before 8pm
    • Submitted after 2pm are returned by 12 midday next day.

Four Walls aims to deliver within the times set in the delivery terms above. However the customer understands that there are unforeseen circumstances at times that will see delivery times extended beyond the normal delivery times.

Customer Promises

The customer promises to keep backups of all images edited and returned by Four Walls.  Four Walls is not responsible for replacing images that have been deleted by the agent or photographer in Four Walls or the agent’s CRM.


Four Walls does not guarantee that any products returned to the customer will be seen as misleading or false by another person or company.  Four Walls will not be liable for any third party damages including loss of profits or any detrimental consequences as a result of the provision of Four Walls’ services.


The prices for products are set out in Four Walls’ current price list.

Four Walls will invoice monthly in the first week of every month for orders for teh month preceding.  Invoices are payable by the 25th of that month.  Four Walls reserves the right to charge a 2.5% monthly fee payable for late payments.


You guarantee to us that any photos or floorplan sketches that you provide us are either owned by you, or that you have permission to use them.

When a photographer pays for photo editing or floorplan CAD work, copyright is assigned as follows:

  • The photographer owns the content (and copyright) we return to you for this project. We’ll send you the final images and you should store them safely and store them in a backup to be safe as we will not be responsible for any content that has been inadvertently deleted.
  • You also own the original photographs and other material that you have provided unless someone else owns them.

We reserve the right to use any of the photos, floorplans and other media that we send to you as a final and finished product for our own marketing (for instance on our website, social media, emails & any other advertising).



Four Walls takes no responsibility for disruption or delays caused by telecommunications services and system failures.

The customer understands that software outages occur and that this may delay or temporarily halt services.  Outages can occur at various levels including that of third-party software.  Four Walls cannot be held liable in the event of an outage whether through its own fault or that of a related 3rd party.


Change of Mind

Please note that purchases (orders) are final and we do not offer refunds.



The Information and Terms may be amended without notice from time to time in our sole discretion. Your use of our Site following any amendments indicates that you accept the amendments. You should check the Terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes, and only proceed to use the Site if you accept and will comply with the new Terms.

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